PREMIER Driving School
Teaching South Carolina's teenagers to drive safely and calming parents' nerves since 2002.
Greenville/Spartanburg is where the action is in South Carolina! Concerts, cultural events and amazing restaurants on every corner. The teenagers are giddy with excitement about all that is going on in the Upstate - and they can't wait to get out there on their own. We are happy for them and all the big fun to be had, but let's just slow down a little bit and make sure they know what they're doing behind the wheel before we let them loose on the roads. (Yes, mom, hang in there - we can do this! We'll have them running errands for you before you know it!) Call Bill Seawright at 864-923-0993.
Meet our Greenville/Spartanburg team...
Call Bill Seawright at 864-923-0993 to arrange:

Driver Instruction - Eight hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and road test. $300

Defensive Driving - $60

Road test only - $40

Permit test only - $10