PREMIER Driving School
Teaching South Carolina's teenagers to drive safely and calming parents' nerves since 2002.
The teenagers in Liberty and Easley are surrounded by gorgeous lakes and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Nothing could be more exciting than to gather up all the teenage friends and head out for some fun. Whoa, kids - let's make sure we do this with our heads on straight. We'll make sure you're competent and confident before you head out the door. (Yes, mom, hang in there - we can do this! We'll have them running errands for you before you know it!) Call John Schumpert at 864-554-1071.
Meet John...
Call John Schumpert at 864-554-1071.

Driver Instruction - Eight hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and road test. $300

Defensive Driving - $60

Road test only - $40

Permit test only - $10