Mount Pleasant is home to wind, wildlife, waves, and best of all, Wando High School. The teenage population is BOOMING around here and we all want to keep them safe on the roads. Whether the little darlings are cooking up a day trip to the beach with their friends, or dreaming of a drive over the beautiful Ravenel Bridge, we'll make sure they're ready to roll, competently and confidently. (Yes, mom, hang in there - we can do this! We'll have them running errands for you before you know it!Call Craig Whitman at (843) 872-1141. (Does your teenager have ADHD? Click here for more information...)
PREMIER Driving School
Teaching South Carolina's teenagers to drive safely and calming parents' nerves since 2002.
Mount Pleasant
Instructor Jason Sox is a husband to an amazingly patient woman, a dad to the world's coolest little boy and most adorable baby girl. He is a famous golfer, a big-time, serious Star Wars fan and teaches Chemistry at Wando High School for fun. Nothing would make him happier than teaching your teenager how to drive safely in Mount Pleasant.
Meet our Mount Pleasant team...
Driver Instruction - Eight hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and one attempt at road test. $460 (classes will take place at Wando High School)

UPCOMING Driver Instruction Schedule (at Wando High School):
                                                 June 10, 2019 (Monday)
                                                  July 8, 2019 (Monday)
December 15, 2018                 August 10, 2019 
January 12, 2019                     September 7, 2019
February 9, 2019                     October 12, 2019
March 9, 2019                          November 9, 2019
April 13, 2019                          December 14, 2019   
May 11, 2019

Instructor Sean McCarthy has been a Social Studies and Mechatronics teacher at Wando High School and Philip Simmons High School. He has taught for 13 years, coached football from Small Fry (rec department) to college level for 28 years and spent 15 years in the Steel & Oil industries. He is a "Child of the 80s" ad loves all 80s music, movies and action heroes! He and his family are members of St. Benedict Parish in Mt. Pleasant. He has been married to his wife Amy for 24 years and has two sons who have both gone through Premier Driving School training. 
Franchisee/instructor Craig Whitman is a water-skier, a runner, and has a couple of small business ventures. He and his family are members of East Cooper Baptist Church. He is married to a saint and has two teenage boys who keep him busier than is reasonable. He loves Excel spreadsheets and knows all about teenagers from first-hand experience with his own two boys and is up for the challenge of teaching yours to drive.

Instructor Jason Brisini teaches AP Human Geography and is the Social Studies Department Chair at Wando High School. During his time at Wando, he has been lucky enough to coach baseball, football, and currently coaches golf. Because all of the other instructors have pictures with their children, he found it necessary to use a picture of him and his animal child, Abby. One of his proudest accomplishment in life is being a certified bus driver, so he is excited to teach teenagers how to master driving so everyone is safe. 
Instructor Lucas McCommon is a former Alabama native who enjoys being outdoors and woodworking. He runs a small bookkeeping business with his wife Ashley. They attend East Cooper Baptist Church and have served on missions trips to the Czech Republic for the past five years teaching English. Lucas remembers what it is what like learning how to drive and is excited to walk through this process with your kids
Instructor Roger is a Project Manager at an architectural engineering firm in Mount Pleasant. He is a very patient father of three daughters (two in college, and his oldest is a teacher at Wando HS). Roger, his wife, and two Jack Russell Terriers relocated from Minneapolis to Mount Pleasant in the Spring of 2016. After 20 years of living in the frozen North, it was time to move South! Roger's wife will tell you that he likes to shop and watch sappy movies on Netflix with her, and he loves fresh salads. In reality though, he enjoys walking on the beach, working in his wood shop, and he prefers a fat and juicy burger over a salad any day. Roger looks forward to working with your son or daughter on their driving skills, and he will probably try to pass along a little wisdom gained from years of life experience.
Instructor Kaith Young has been a Social Studies teacher at Wando for the last 3 years. After graduating from the College of Charleston, he returned to his hometown to teach, but couldn't stay away from Charleston for too long! At Wando, he sponsors the Beta Club, and supports several other student-led clubs. When not teaching, Kaith can usually be found on the golf course, where he's been playing since he could pick up a club. He has been teaching, coaching and working with high school teens for nearly a decade, and wants to make sure they stay safe when they are behind the wheel and on the road.
Instructor Joe Corvino is a Charleston native who enjoys playing music and reading. He married his high school sweetheart, Katie, and they are both excited to be back in their hometown after being in Clemson for four years. They attend East Cooper Baptist Church and used to be small group leaders for the middle school ministry. Joe loves training others almost as he loves driving - so he is excited to combine the two!