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Driving Lesson

Driving with ADHD

It is well-documented that teenage drivers with ADHD have an increased risk of being involved in accidents (see resources below). Our Mount Pleasant driving instructors have been specially trained to provide personalized support and coaching for our students with ADHD. 

Are you concerned about how your child's ADHD will effect his/her ability to safely operate a vehicle? We understand and are trained to help. Please mention your concerns to your instructor and he will partner with you to ensure you and your child both feel confident before he/she takes the wheel. Your instructor will discuss several key points with you to create an individualized coaching plan.

Call Craig today at 843-872-1141 to inquire about ADHD driving coaching for your teenager.


Teens, Driving, and ADHD: Increased Driving Risks - from the National Resource Center on ADHD

For teenagers with ADHD, driving risks are increased by ADHD's core symptoms of distractibility, inattention, and impulsivity.3 Compared with their peers, teens and young adults with ADHD are at greater risk for vehicle accidents and are more likely to receive traffic tickets for speeding, failure to obey traffic laws, and reckless driving.

Make Sure Your Teen Has Taken ADHD Medications - from Wed MD

Prescription drugs help most kids with ADHD focus their attention and curb their impulsive habits. That's crucial for safe driving, says University of Virginia professor of psychiatric medicine Daniel Cox, PhD.

If your child responds well to her ADHD medication, then "driving and medication should go hand in hand," says Cox, who has written several studies on the disorder and driving.

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