Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is home to wind, wildlife, and waves.  With the teenage population BOOMING around here and we all want to keep them safe on the roads. Whether the little darlings are cooking up a day trip to the beach with their friends, or dreaming of a drive over the beautiful Ravenel Bridge, we'll make sure they're ready to roll, competently and confidently.




Coach Kaith Young   

Manager: Mount Pleasant

Instructor Kaith Young is a Social Studies teacher at Wando High School. After graduating from the College of Charleston, he returned to his hometown to teach, but couldn't stay away from Charleston for too long! At Wando, he sponsors the Beta Club, and supports several other student-led clubs. When not teaching, Kaith can usually be found on the golf course, where he's been playing since he could pick up a club. He has been teaching, coaching and working with high school teens for over a decade, and wants to make sure they stay safe when they are behind the wheel and on the road.

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