Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is home to wind, wildlife, waves, and best of all, Wando High School. The teenage population is BOOMING around here and we all want to keep them safe on the roads. Whether the little darlings are cooking up a day trip to the beach with their friends, or dreaming of a drive over the beautiful Ravenel Bridge, we'll make sure they're ready to roll, competently and confidently.

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Driver Instruction Course (MP)
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Driver Instruction Course (MP) Full
Driver Instruction Course (MP)
Driver Instruction Course (MP)
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Craig Whitman

Instructor Craig Whitman is a water-skier, a runner, and has a couple of small business ventures. He and his family are members of East Cooper Baptist Church. He is married to a saint and has two grown boys. He loves Excel spreadsheets and knows all about teenagers from first-hand experience with his own two boys and coaching high school football for 15 years. 

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