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As a mother of twins, that are polar opposites with personality, confidence level and learning style; Traditionally when they get a teacher ,the teacher will match with one of the twins learning style but not the others. This has not been the case with Mr. Jason Brisini, my twins driving instructor. He is an outstanding teacher and can adapt easily to the kid’s personalities. He not only made the girls feel comfortable, but also helped guide them on how to control a car, focus on their driving, and reinforce the rules. Both girls loved having lessons with him and were very open to any guidance he gave them. They would come home with a “mama I need to practice…….” And I know this is due to Mr. Brisini’s coaching. As one of my twins is very sensitive, he was outstanding on calming her down and making her a better driver without being intimidated or upset. I absolutely recommend your agency and especially, Mr. Brisini. We feel like he has been with us throughout this whole adventure, for not only the kids but also for my husband and me. We always had questions for him as they are our first and only children and this is the first time for us through this process. He was always very patient, answering all our questions and made us feel very comfortable with each step throughout the process with honest feedback on both girls progress and suggestions on what we they needed to practice. Again, I wanted to make sure to provide this feedback as we are very satisfied and wanted to say a special thank you.

Leila Daoud McAlhany, 2018

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